Access Social Care

Supporting the innovative delivery of social care needs for one of the UK’s leading charitable organisations.





Cuts to social care funding have rendered many individuals without access to the social care to which they are legally entitled, leaving them struggling to find support. ASC – experts in social care legal advice – addressed this problem by helping users inform themselves about the help they are entitled to. Limited live agent capacity and funding, however, presented challenges in assisting all customers, particularly outside of office hours.


Chatbot that provides legal help to people in the UK with social care needs, available 24/7.

We built a chatbot for Mencap (ASC) that helped people with learning disabilities to answer questions about social care during the pandemic and its aftermath. The bot considers users’ specific circumstances and gives them the tools to challenge unlawful actions preventing them from accessing social care. 


Mencap (working with ASC) is able to support a greater number of people thanks to the 24/7 feature of the chatbot and the automated training requests. Future expansions of this project are now possible, with further funding unlocked. Long-term, we’re working with ASC to enable other charities to use the components of the chatbot to achieve their own mission.