Hogan Lovells

An intelligent assistant to provide legal advice on new legislation.

conversational ai

Hogan Lovells staff spent significant time helping clients understand new legislation and how it will impact them, while not being explicitly paid for this additional service. They also spend time researching new legislation as part of their day-to-day work.


Working in partnership with Springbok, they decided to use conversational AI to encourage self-service by creating a chatbot based on the Rasa framework

– Together with Hogan Lovells, a suitable channel to reach staff was identified, followed by the design of conversational flows and a branded user interface

– Building in two phases by adding incremental layers of complexity in the bot enabled data-driven decisions for future expansion of the chatbot feature

– The bot will go live with approx. 2000 staff at Hogan Lovells London HQ


– Significantly cutting down labour-intensive processes

– Vastly improves the service Hogan Lovells is able to offer to its clients

– Enhances current work-flow for in-house lawyers at Hogan Lovells