Should you choose GPT-3.5 or GPT-4?

We help you decide which model is more compatible with your company’s needs. We drill the comparison down to lightweight haste (GPT-3.5) versus slower, well-thought-out deliberation (GPT-4).

Digital dining with a chatbot: AI hits the hospitality industry

A robot in a waiter uniform whizzing to your table might not be the future of hospitality, but some well-placed digitisation is due. In this article, we bring you up to speed about how generative AI is levelling up the hospitality industry, focusing on restaurants.

The API Key rush: how generative AI is revolutionising enterprises

Last week, OpenAI turned the temperature up by more than a few degrees by releasing its API. Previously, the LLM was only accessible by directly using the chatbot interface. In this turn of events, the world will be using it in many of its favourite everyday apps and products, as third-party developers can now integrate […]